Thursday, September 17, 2009


AL- FATIHAH buat Allahyarham ayahanda tercinta yg telah kembali ke rahmatulllah pada 07.08.09

05.10.48 - 07.08.09
Kasih dan ingatan ini padamu ayahanda, takkan pernah pudar. Dengan setiap kerinduan anakanda iringi dengan kalimah-kalimah Allah, semoga roh ayahanda tenang disana. Ameen.
Beberapa bulan kebelakangan dipenuhi dengan seribu satu cerita. We were house hunting for weeks, exhausting as I am heavily pregnant but still keen to make it before Ramadhan. We found a nice, tiny flat within a reasonable distance to our kid's school and to the university as well as fit in with our budget. We started packing intensively, passing our 9th anniversary on the 5th with just a brief wishes to each other... and got the shocking news on early Friday morning on the 7th. Yes, it all came one after another... pain after pain, slicing me to bits.
But Alhamdulillah, with help from dear friends I managed to keep on my feet... though shakingly but still....
But this Ramadhan is beautiful than ever... peaceful as it is promised by Him. Praise to the Almighty. Syawal is just around the corner, and I have a mixed feeling about it. Thankful, happy, anxious as the baby is due in about 1 month, so glad as the kids at last got their baju raya from my bespren in the world, sad to think about how my mum will cope up with it back home.. but all in all, still looking forward to it as I already think of the menu by now.. (huhu.. so typical me...)
Dikesempatan ini, I would like to wish all my muslim friends, my relatives, those who kindly drop by this humble blog of mine... a very happy Hari Raya. Eid Mubarak everybody, may we all always be under His blessing.
note: to those lovely 'sisters' of mine, whose been there in my time of need (you know who you are)... Thank You. For Everything. I mean it from the deepest depth of my very soul. I do.