Tuesday, January 22, 2008


No, its not what u think. No, i'm definitely not expecting.. at least not now.

Its my big 'baby' : ajmal. He starts schooling now though with a slight reluctance and tears in the morning. But he settle down really well with him being able to play with sands and water as much as he likes it. Thats the reason why he still wants to go I reckoned, despite being afraid of the assistant teacher whom he called 'mata' just because shes wearing glasses. He cries everytime we're leaving, but I know he'll put a brave face and get through the day enjoying himself.. after all he is mummy's boy, he'll be brave. We all need to be brave and go on along the path that we've chosen, going through all the dip and curve just to get to the finishing line.. whatever it takes.

Shafiyyah adapts very well in her new school. She's always like that, she have it in her blood. What amazed me about shafiyyah is the fact that she can still remember most of her friends, especially those who are dear to her, back to when she was in Malaysia. Hey, she still says that Najmi is her 'boyfriend'... I wonder if najmi even remember her at all.

As for me, well... I'm still holding on, trying hard to keep my feet on the ground each time. It never easy to feel it in your heart whats not there from the very beginning. But I believe Allah knows best. People say 'what don't kill you will only make you stronger', then I hope the saying is true. No, I'm not just hoping.. I'm praying that its true.

Hubby will start the NDT courses very soon, InsyaAllah. Alhamdullilah my lil' sis is here for the time being. She helps a lot with the house chores.

You know what.. sometimes in life we need to do what we're expected to do in order for us to be able to do what we want to........ it might take longer, it will be harder, but I know one day it'll all be worthwhile. All the sacrifice, all the pain.......... InsyaAllah.

nota: self-centered. sometimes people think being self-centered is what best for them. well.. they either forgot or simply didn't know that life is much, much more than just ourselves. Life is also about others. Don't just go and underestimate the latter neither take it for granted.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


"yg baik itu kan budi, yg indah itulah bahasa..."

DAH SELAMAT BERPINDAH RANDAH. Walaupun macam2 rintangan terpaksa dilalui, akhirnya berjaya la jugak kitaorg berhijrah. Dah jadi org bandar la katanya.. harharharhar.
Sedih jugak rasa hati nak meninggalkan rumah yg kitaorg dah duduk selama 2 tahun. Disitu banyak tawa dan tangis nya. Tapi hijrah ini insyaAllah utk sesuatu yg lebih baik, doa saya begitu lah. And my prayers also go to those who'd helped us in so many ways during the process of moving in and out; asmala & family, tamreen, tariq, zubir, shah & family, sal & family, abg fuad, gie & family, zakaria & family, fathiah & family, the ever helpful 15 wilko guys yg sudi menerima kami disaat kami memerlukan and my special thanks to kina & family yg tolong masak kuew tiau utk hari kitaorg berpindah tu.

To kina: Its been a wonderful 2 years thats full of love and we cherished every moments being your neighbour. Though you're no longer living next to us, I can assure you that you'll always have that place of yours in our heart.

Jadinya, tahun baru, rumah baru serta keazaman yg baru. InsyaAllah tahun ini akan jadi lebih baik dari tahun2 sebelumnya utk semua. Sekarang kitaorg masih dalam proses menyesuaikan diri dgn rumah baru yg kecik seto'et tu... huhuhuhu. Bak kata suamiku, jalan sikit langgar pintu, terlajak sikit langgar almari.. haha. Tapi apapun rumah baru ni sangat comel dan sebab kecomelannya itu, maka senang sikit nak mengemas. Nanti bila dah settle down, kita postkan gambar kat sini. But for now, got to go. Ni pun menumpang komputer dak nuax nak update blog. So till then, happy new year utk semua. Jangan lupa, yg baik-baik saja.

nota: If you live your life just thinking of your ownself and let others slipped away, then what a shame.. what a shame.......