Wednesday, November 07, 2012


"Adakah semua ini yang ku inginkan 
 ataupun hanya mengejar dunia semata-mata 
 ku harap ku masih percaya"  

I started off right away after my MSc. I knew it by then that I want to be in education line; and I'm doing it for the love of teaching. 

 After more than 10 years, I start questioning myself. No, not about the love I mentioned before for its still there... but more about whether I'm in the right place. 

 Here, most of the people, all they care is about how many grants do you have under your name, how many awards within your grasp, how many journals and papers did you wrote in a year; even so, how many of it marked with the highest impact factor. 

Guess nobody really bother whether you do love teaching and educating the student. The closest to it is whether we can comply to what EAC says... damn.. applying thick brittle coating on the surface won't strengthen the core. It will look solid on the outside, but hell yes, if you knock it on the right place, it will fall, crumbling apart.

 Hah, i don't know why I'm jotting this down on the first place. Maybe its just me... or maybe its something bigger, beyond me. who knows. who cares?

Thursday, November 01, 2012

35 weeks and anxiously counting.

Salam to those who do drop by my humble blog. I'm 35 weeks expecting...and anxiously waiting for the day, inshaAllah. InshaAllah, its going to be a baby GIRL as much anticipated by everyone in the family. Ibu pun adalah excited ok, its been ages since we last shop for all the cute dress. Well, of course during previous years ada beli utk kakak, but she outgrown all those dresses now and are more to early teenage kinda style nowadays. *sudah besar, tak kan masih mahu pakai baby doll dress* My hospital bag is packed and ready in the car, in case adalah mahu terbersalin during office hour ke apa. But the three previous experience, semuanya start in the middle of the night. Masa time kakak, start sakit in the middle of the nite, sebab anak first, adalah menggelupur terus pergi hospital just to find out that the opening is only 2cm. Masa Ajmal pulak, my waterbag broke at about 2am tapi tak sakit. The same thing goes for fateh.. waterbag broke at 2am without any contraction. Yang no.4 ni tak tau lah lagi macamana. Harap Allah permudahkan. Ameen. Baju all baby stuffs mostly is ready, sedikit sebanyak. Bottle warmer dah request dgn anak-anak angkatku supaya diaorang tak pening kepala nak beli apa, pandai tak ibu? I already booked for confinement home service for 1 week consists of massage, pakai bengkung, mandi baby + bertungku. maybe if it turns out well, I'll extend for another week. These days all kind of services is available, provided that you are willing to spend for it. I've come across in one of the tv program about confinement services in a private villa. The cost? almost rm15k for a month. Tu diaaaaaa..... lepas confinement boleh luruh rambut kaedahnya. hehehe... lagi satu yg belum beli adalah set bersalin.. InshaAllah nak beli set Nona Roguy. Last time I used the set, its ok.. especially the pyhtonatal. My MIL do make the ubat periuk which is use during confinement (you have to boil the pack and drink it),... but the taste.. hohohoho... to much for me laaa.. I get choked everytime I tried. So, I do not opt for that choice.. carik yg boleh telan je in the form of pills. And yesssss... we already have a name ready for the baby. Nanti2 update bila tuannya dah keluar. hihi.. OKlah, got to go. soklan exam belum habis buat nih. Nedd to settle a few things before off for maternity leave. Till then, to those who do drop by, doakan saya dan baby selamat semuanya dan dipermudahkan Allah ye.