Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Please understand.

ahhhh.. maybe its just me. Maybe its the preggy hormone kicking. Maybe because my back and in between my shoulder blade are aching so much off late. . . . . . . But I do realize that I tend to be hyper-sensitive nowadays. . . . . . . . Little things make me cry. . . . . . . . . Even tiny little things make me cry and sobbed all nite. . . . . . . . . Maybe because I don't really have anybody that I can pour my heart to. Everybody I turn to seems to either turn their back on me, or ended up irritates me even more. . . . . . . . . Sometimes, all I want to do is to have someone to listen. Calmly and soothingly listen, without firing back on me. . . . . . . . My back sores you know, my feet hurt you know, I do have sleepless nite you know. Even mere walking is a tough task these days. . . . . . . .. An.d all I want is for someone to listen. Just listen without judging. Please. .... .............

Monday, October 01, 2012

Preggy oh Preggy

Salam everyone; if there is any at all dropping by these days. :D So, here I am.. heavily preggy rite now. Seriously I feel like doing nothing at this point. Pregnancy wise is ok, except for the fact that my back hurts, my waist sore and my feet is aching. I've started collecting/buying all the necessities, almost completed now. Baju ada beli sikit2, the rest hand over from abang fateh. hehehe.. Dalam pada tak larat tu, rezeki anak sangat murah, Alhamdulillah. My dear hubby got a new job not too far away from home. At least now he can commute back weekly easily than it was before. Cuma maid je belum 'order'.. need to work on that asap. ajmal and fateh are turning 8 and 3 this month. Sorry la dear darlings ibu, can't afford to throw a party for both of you. Wiken lepas masak sambal udang pun rasa mcm nak pitam. Work wise, well.............. who wants to mention about work here. But I do plan to apply for earlier leave. Macam ada kemungkinan nak bersalin awal je ni judging by the 2 previous experience. Cuma kakak je yang keluar on time. Agak pening juga memikirkan yang aku ni nak bersalin time hujung tahun masa cuti sekolah. With all the three kids around the house, agak chaos juga nanti. Better for me to think of something. Rasa macam nak send them off to nursery je at least for half day untuk mengurangkan kadar chaos. Or just send ajmal and fateh? coz we can use kakak for free labor at home. hehe.. ermmm... ada banyak nak pikir nih. I'll start by going to the pantry and get some cold drinks to get me started. heh!