Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This photo, makes Monalisa looks like a scribble and that of Van Gogh seems worthless.

Ini gambar years back (just look at how big my glasses are !) dekat rumah uwan kitaorg di kg. Astana Raja, Rembau. And that hari raya was the last one that we celebrated together as big family before my ever beloved uwan (wearing white dress and scarf) and my pak lang sidek (front, far right wearing glasses and kain pelikat) passed away.

After that year, hari raya is never the same again. No more ketupat and rendang from uwan. No more big family with kids creating chaos during raya eve, no more love on that red stone stairs.
Distance seems to drift us apart. Last time jumpa mak lang ngan anak2 arwah pak lang is during uwan's funeral, then that was it. It was 15 years ago. Today, we seem to keep in touch again, thru facebook! and even small yani (the one on my right) is married.

Gosh.. time do flies. Hopefully one day, we'll get back to the red stone stairs and captured those smiles again like the old days.
Al-Fatihah buat arwah uwan dan arwah pak lang.

note: credit to yani for the photo. When I got back to Msia (jgn tanya bila.. :P), I promise to dig under our stairs for some more memories.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sebelum ni kata nak update gmbr kat edinburgh, tp sampai skrg masih terbengkalai nampaknya.

hari jumaat baru ni adik masuk wad kat children hospital because of his eczema is getting worse. At first we were just having an appointment with our GP (general practice), but the Dr. seem content that adik needs immediate attention from a specialist. We were referred to the children hospital and off we go... tak tau plak nak kena admitted kan. And so it goes, we spent our weekend in the hospital while everyone else was enjoying summer, basking in the sun. huhuhuhu....
Adik was treated by a dermatologist Dr. and a skin specialist nurse on top of 2 paediatricians incharge.

Alhamdullilah, after 3 days he's getting much better. His skin is so supple now esp. on the face and I can't resist but keep admiring it while he's sleeping. ( ye, termasuk kena gomol jugak pipi tembam si kecik tu bila dia jaga..hehehe).
Pada semua yg datang melawat ajmal kat wad hari tu (sab, kai chiat, in, kawan in, sani, sapes, nuar, capau, far, abbad), tenkiu sangat2 sbb memeriahkan hari2nya kat hospital sementelah adik kena 'room resritriction'. Pada apin, dibah, pai dan min.. tima kasih sebab sudi bersusah payah membantu.
Ajmal is still under medication now, both oral and external to prevent it from flaring up and getting worse again. Apapun skrg, mandi time is something that he enjoys compared to last time when it was an ever challenging task. Lagipun, dia takut kalau dia scratching lagi nanti dia jadi tak hensem dah....

Semalam pulak pegi manchester, hantar adinderku apin balik msia. There's a sudden emptiness in my heart letting her go. InsyaAllah jika diizinkan olehNya, she has an interview to attend within this few days time to secure a place to pursue her degree.

We are so used having mak usu around us for almost 6 mnths now it feels incomplete without her. Apart from the cats and dogs , apart from our mere differences... you, my dear, will always be my lil' sis and I will always love you come what may.

So, mama and papa... boleh la get your passport ready ek. Apa kata raya kat sini je? ok jugak idea tu kan. boleh la.. boleh la.. boleh laaaaaaaaaaaa....................

apa? Atalamat? huhuhuu... dia kan dah tua bangka. suruh la dia masak rendang sendiri!!!!!!!

nota: kenapa tiba2 rasa mcm nak nangis jer... uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.