Thursday, August 28, 2008


InshaAllah, Ramadhan akan datang lagi... semuga kita dipanjangkan umur dan diberikan kesihatan yg baik utk beribadah kepada Allah, lebih2 lagi di bulan Ramadhan yg mulia ini.

Just want to share some info on SOLAT TARAWIH. Source from

InshaAllah semuga membantu.


  • TARAWIH ertinya beristirehat. Ia dikerjakan selepas solat isyak sehingga menjelang fajar.
  • Solat tarawih ini hanya dilakukan pada bulan Ramadhan dan boleh dilakukan sama ada secara individu atau secara berjamaah.
  • Bilangan rakaat yang dilakukan biasanya 8 rakaat dengan 3 witir atau 20 rakaat dengan 3 witir.
Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w yg bermaksud:

" Adalah Rasulullah s.a.w menganjurkan untuk mengerjakan solat pada malam bulan Ramadhan tetapi tidak mewajibkannya. Baginda bersabda barang siapa bangun pada bulan Ramadhan (mengerjakan solat tarawih) dengan rasa iman dan mengharapkan keredhaan Allah maka diampunilah dosa-dosanya yang telah lalu" (sources tak dinyatakan)


  • Hukumnya sunat muakkad (yang sangat dituntut) dikerjakan oleh orang-orang islam lelaki dan perempuan pada tiap-tiap malan bulan Ramadhan sama ada secara berseorangan atau berjamaah.
  • Sunat dikerjakan di masjid, surau dan lain-lain tempat sembahyang orang-orang islam.


Ialah selepas menunaikan sembahyang fardhu Isyak dan sunat ba'diah isyak sebanyak dua rakaat.


Pada umumnya masyarakat islam di Malaysia mendirikan sembahyang sunat tarawih sebanyak 20 rakaat, tetapi ada juga yang hanya menunaikan sekadar 8 rakaat sahaja.

Pada zaman Rasulullah s.a.w sembahyang tarawih dikerjakan sebanyak 8 rakaat sahaja supaya tidak menimbulkan sesuatu keberatan. Walau bagaimanapun terdapat juga hadith yg meriwayatkan bahawa Nabi Muhammad s.a.w pernah mengerjakan sebanyak 20 rakaat.

Pada zaman khalifah Omar bin Al-Khattab r.a pula beliau melaksanakannya sebanyak 20 rakaat kerana beliau berpendapat bahawa orang-orang islam pada zamannya tidak keberatan lagi menunaikan sembahyang sunat tarawih sebanyak itu.

Sembahyang sunat tarawih hendaklah ditunaikan dua rakaat pada tiap-tiap satu kali takbiratul ihram, kemudiannya dilakukan lagi sehingga genap rakaat yg dikehendaki.

Lafaz niat sembahyang sunat tarawih: ertinya; "sahaja aku sembahyang sunat tarawih dua rakaat kerana Allah taala"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



I remember when I was in matriculation II, I've got a note left by my dad's friend saying my beloved grandma in negeri sembilan passed away. I remember crying frantically as I realised I've missed her funeral and that I won't be able to look at her the last time.

I remember those lovely days at our kampung when my brother, 3 cousins (all boys) and I spent our school holidays main benteng, climbing all the fruit trees (well.. almost) and swimming in the river. We didn't know there are crocodiles until we were scolded when we get back home.

I remember when I was about 6 or 7 and it was during the eid, my cousins, brother and I were in our late grandad VW car as it goes down the steep entrance to the house... on one side is full with pokok rambutan and at a glance, I'm pretty sure I've seen something that looks like a 'pocong'. I ask my grandma and she said that 'pocong' is the good one. I doubt if there is any. It was in the mid of the day. Scary.

I remember our house in kg. mengabang tengah had a swamp kinda area next to it. One day a boy called 'kaya' coz his name is zakaria called me and my brother and put a big fat leech in my brother's hand. I remember panting for breath as we ran home. We were no more than 7 yrs old kids.

I remember our 'ever a great cook' kak nik's delicious ikan singgang that makes me eat until the last tiny space in my tummy filled with it. I remember sleeping in the balcony like a fat lazy cat coz I can't resist the sea breeze. My mum recently told me they had refurbished and renovated their home and its a one big bungalow now. I wonder if the breeze is still the same, I even doubt if there is any sign of breeze at all.

I remember when I was 3 or 4 and I went to tanah pinggir a.k.a kebun getah with my late grandad and grandma ( ermm... that's sound so cheesy, lets called them atok and uwan as I remember it) and our lunch was hacked and smacked by a group of notty-notty monkeys. I'm sure many of our youngsters don't even know what a 'buah getah' looks like, let alone pegi menoreh kan...

I remember my late uwan's gulai masak lemak ikan semilang salai with unripe bananas. It is out of the world. perghhhh!. I can't forget the scrumptious taste of her masak lemak daging salai with pucuk pegaga. perghhh! perghhh! What a pity those days all I care about is to enjoy the food. I should at least show some interest on the preparation. Too late.

I remember my late moyang always give us 20 cent during hari raya, regardless of your age. I also clearly recalled their house have a 90 degree angle stairs made of rounded wood. Kalu terjatuh musti tergolek dok punya. They never fell down the stairs their entire life. Both of them live passed their 90's.

I remember when I was in kindergarten and my teachers were talking about rings during recess. I went home that day and come back to school the next day with a long candy stick that has a plastic ring attached to it. Guess what? yess.. I sheepishly gave it to my teacher as a gift and were so proud of it. I think that answers why I can never be a 'manikam'.

I remember the nearly drown experience when I was ten during a family picnic in Kapas island. That is why I don't like being in the water when we go to the beach, apart from I hate it when I got tanned. Swimming pool is fine, as long as I put the arm bands. hahahahaha....

I remember playing kawen-kawen back when we were 6 or 7 . I always get to play the groom and my friend Lie always be the bride though he is a boy, because he's so fair and cute while I'm the comot one. Huh! not fair. hehehe...

I remember the day I got married, I've been put on a heavy make up until my own dad didn't recognize me. I remember being so svelte and slim too.. ohh.. that was the good old days when fat and cholesterol didn't really affect me. huhuhu...

I remember that 2 of the most important day of my life, the day I gave birth to my both buah hati.. Nur Shafiyyah and Alif Ajmal. Though I've gone through those excruciating pain, it all washed away once I saw their tiny faces. It was a beautiful day.

"memories... all alone in the moon light, I can smile like the old days, life was beautiful then..."

note: Regarding the 'already deleted previous entry'... erm.. dah tua2 ni jadi lebih sensitif. Tapi org2 tua, kalau marah tu tanda sayang, tak gitu? :D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Kesah airport manchester.

Ahad lepas kitaorg sefamily pegi airport manchester, nak sambut kedatangan ayah dan bonda. Sampai kat airport dah pukul 12.30 lebih, flight had landed and we were there in front of the arrivals doors, waiting. Shafiyyah and me were standing with the crowds, ayah was sitting coz adik is sleeping. Almost 1.5 hrs passed, and no sign of them emerging from the anxiously waited arrival doors. I was overwhelmed, worried and panic stricken all at once. Shafiyyah was feeling rather tired and the crowds... were turning thin. huhuhuhu... 'mana mak ayah aku nih, kena tahan ngan kastam ke kat dalam tu...'

I was looking at those people who gets so excited when they see their loved ones.. and I can't help those tears, panas muka seiii tahan air mata...
With just a few more of the last people standing around the arrival area, at last they were there and I was jumping like small kid given sweets. I ran towards them, hugging and kissing them and start the drama of my own. After all these years and patiently waiting for my turn, they are here in this dunia sejuk beku and seems to adapting really well and I have all the rights within my veins and my bones to feel happy. yess, happy... even the word 'happy' seems lousy to describe my feeling. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah.

p/s: it turn out that everything was okay and all the rempah ratus, keropok lekor, rendang daging, buah binjai, petai, dodol, lempuk, kuih baulu, serunding daging (and the list go on..) were safe and sound.

Kesah movie TAKEN

It was late last night and everybody already asleep. Mata aku pulak terjegil tak leh tido pasal petang balik dari jenjalan kat meadowhall dah tertido sampai kol 8.30 mlm. Lepas semayang isyak aku layan citer TAKEN. I didn't really know about the movie at the first place but since the review seems interesting and the votes was given 4 *, I gave it a go and its not that bad either.

Cerita tu mcm biasalah kan.. citer org 'uncle sam' jadik hero. But then the plot is what troubling me, its about human trafficking. Kesahnyer anak si hero ni pegi bercuti kat Paris dan lepas tu kena culik utk dijual. Btol lah kata saudagar citer P.Ramlee tu... meniaga org lagi untung dari meniaga unta.

The fact that those kind of things really happen in this world scares the heck out of me. Dekat Msia pun sudah menjadi tersangat scary... tgk la apa yg terjadi pada arwah Nurin dan juga adik Sharlinie.. those who are responsible didn't even get close to be caught. Who knows where those culprit might be today? Sanity seems too much for the brain to bear nowadays. Something need to be done. Fast.

Last month, one of my friend's house was burgled and they were so traumatised it took them few weeks more to even go back to their own house again. Luckily they had not been harmed and they even tightened the security system around their house and long gone was the 'acara santai2 kat rumah amek udara segar sambil bukak tingkap and pintu mcm kat kampung dolu2'.
Lama2 nanti semua org buat rumah ala2 alcatras... pakai guard yg pegang mesingun, sapa datang dekat kalu tak kenal je tembak. huhuhuhuhuhu....

Kesah artis (yesss... sempat lagi baca psl artis kat surat kabor online)

Alah.. cerita biasa tentang dunia artis yg kita selalu baca di akhbar. But then the truth is it can happen to anybody. Pasal sorang artis dah rampas suami orang lain. Katanya cinta... but I wonder if anybody who did that kind of thing really have their soul at ease knowing that whatever dream and so called 'love' they build, its been built on top of somebody else's shattered heart and soul. Seriously, could you really be happy if you know you are doing this to somebody of your own kind?

Mmg lah cinta tu boleh datang dengan tiba2, tanpa dipaksa.. tapi mana akal kita sebagai manusia? Mana hati kita sebagai kaum hawa? Ada dulu sorang kawan yg dah kematian suami pada usia yg sgt muda, dia dilamar oleh kawan sepejabat yg sudah punya keluarga. Memang lah ianya dibenarkan islam (dengan syarat yg rasanya tak ramai org sanggup comply to it), tp kawan saya itu memilih utk menolak dengan baik. Dia kasihan pada isteri org itu, dia tak sampai hati memikirkan anak2 org itu... dalam diam saya mengkagumi dia. Sesetengah orang, tega saja jadi perampas. Minta dijauhkan oleh Allah perkara2 sebegini dalam keluarga kita. Amiin.

Kesah Thomasland

InsyaAllah hujung minggu nnt nak bawak anak2 dan parents pegi jalan2 ke Drayton Manor Park. It has several theme park and a zoo and one of the park is Thomasland with all the thomas the tank engine characters in it. Since my little boy is obsessed with thomas, we plan to go there with a very dear friend and their little boy Hadi. Hopefully the weather is on our side and I'll post about it later.


Somebody's birthday is coming soon end of this month. Belanja kopi 'bakbintang' je skali lagi as a gift boleh? hehehe.

Btw, mine is next month... nak Bobbypin mcm yg dah 'dipersetujui' dan nak pilih sendiri. heheheheehe...................

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Lagi seminggu....

yess.. lagi seminggu till my parents are coming, inshaAllah. After just a few months short from 3 years of being thousand miles away, at last somehow I feel close to home again... Its totally indescribable to be honest. I'm anxious, happy, excited and butterflies all over. O' Lord.. its been almost 3 years, need I say more? All of a sudden I'm a small kid again, crawling to the safety of my parents arms. And, to put the icing on the cake.. they'll be here for Ramadhan and Eid. Gosh! my frens will be frenzy with jealousy.
Mama, Papa... its not just shafiyyah who's been counting days!

Last Tuesday....
It was our 8th anniversary. I gave the man I love a card and a treat at kedai kopi *bakbintang* and he gave me a nice gorgeous handbag and a sandal that I personally picked.
Adil kan.. hahaha.
But one thing for sure, we love each other to bits on that day 8 yrs ago, we still soooo much in love after 8 yrs with 2 beautiful kids and we'll stay even more in love with each other till the end of time. InshaAllah. God willing.

For tomorrow we already have so many things in store. Esok kakak ada kem ibadah solah organize by the malay community. She even bought a nice tudung this afternoon. Will post her pic here soon. Esok jugak ada sesi berbbq org2 city centre dan firth park. I'll be preparing cendol upon special request from ibu2 mengandung. Since all of these start early in the morning, we'll miss our weekly must go carbooting, wpun ada suara2 di belakang yg mcm insists jugak nak pegi. huhuhu.. tak boleh, tak boleh. Kalau org tak pegi, abg tak boleh pegi sensorang. hehehe...

pre-note: people always think that with power comes respect. No, they are wrong... they're **** wrong.

In casting, an intricate shape needs a complicated mold design. Well.. some people might like challenges, but I still believe a few simple ones is not that bad either. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as widen the riser or making your sprue tapered just a little bit more...