Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Still Missing You..

Well, its already mid of Jan. Time do flies, in fact these days it is faster than many of us anticipate.. UNLESS, yes.. unless when you're missing someone. Then time might somehow become so slow. But then again, sometimes it happen both. *sigh*

Last two weeks was rather hectic. The weekend was well spent. Saturday we were off to Aufa's aqiqah in Puncak Perdana. Such a big boy now! Sunday was even busier. we start off the day by sending my BIL to UniKL in Alor Gajah. Right after that, memecut ala2 too fast too furious ke PD for our BBQ di tepian pantai.
We enjoyed the beach, got on the banana boat for the first time in my life. Kids get to play korek2 pasir and bermain di gigi air. (seriously, memang literally gigi air..hahaha... sian dorang, boleh mandi laut tapi tang yang paras buku lali je). we reach home when its already past 9 pm.

Well, that was the fun part. THe 'not so fun' part is that the next day fateh got high fever and it managed to keep me 'on standby' the whole night. It lasts for several days. Huhuhu... so much of the 1 day fun rite?!.
Ahh.. tiba2 hilang mood pulak. Someone knock on my door reminding me of the never ending 'work' story. Better go.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hati ini di seberang laut.

no matter how tired you are;
no matter how much your body is aching;
no matter how sleepy your eyes might be;

Deep in your heart you can't help but missing the one that you love. You miss him/her so much, its pressing your chest you feel like its hard to breathe.

Right now, my chest, it feels like it behold a ton of concrete on it.

Yes, I miss YOU. A lot you know.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

entri Sengal

Salam. Sudah tahun baru. InshaAllah, I will try to reduce or if possible totally eliminate my one not so good attitude. It's a secret though. It should be a jihad within myself.

Shafiyyah is now in year 5. Besar sudah my little gal. Skrg pegi sekolah wearing pink and maroon sbb dah jadi pengawas buku teks. hehe.. ib do found it a bit funny... sori kakak. :P

Ajmal is in year 2. I've been thinking of moving him to i-musleh. Need to consult dear hubby bout this asap.

Fateh is still a one happy and kelasakan little tembam boy. Ibu loveeeeeee my tembam baby! sangat lasak ok, panjat sana sini, bencot dahi, berdarah bibir; but still very adorable dan ke'masam'mannya adalah soooooo sedap.

Mama is here now, her ankle is getting better, just have to take extra caution not to let my tembam baby step on her feet. :D

Me, well... what can I say. Most part of me is still me buuuuuuuutttttttt...

here's the problem. And it's all my dear hubby's fault!
Since for the last couple of weeks I've been eating like tak hengat, now I'm TOTALLY TEBAL!!!! front view, side view... so annoying. Yeah..yeah.. I know I'm 37 this year but still; LEMAK yang tebal? oh no!!!!

SO, Hence the aerobic class tomorrow. Lunch hour. Lepas aerobic melantak nasik. sigh!