Wednesday, November 07, 2012


"Adakah semua ini yang ku inginkan 
 ataupun hanya mengejar dunia semata-mata 
 ku harap ku masih percaya"  

I started off right away after my MSc. I knew it by then that I want to be in education line; and I'm doing it for the love of teaching. 

 After more than 10 years, I start questioning myself. No, not about the love I mentioned before for its still there... but more about whether I'm in the right place. 

 Here, most of the people, all they care is about how many grants do you have under your name, how many awards within your grasp, how many journals and papers did you wrote in a year; even so, how many of it marked with the highest impact factor. 

Guess nobody really bother whether you do love teaching and educating the student. The closest to it is whether we can comply to what EAC says... damn.. applying thick brittle coating on the surface won't strengthen the core. It will look solid on the outside, but hell yes, if you knock it on the right place, it will fall, crumbling apart.

 Hah, i don't know why I'm jotting this down on the first place. Maybe its just me... or maybe its something bigger, beyond me. who knows. who cares?

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