Wednesday, September 19, 2007


* I'm pissed off* Marah dan benci ini menyesakkan......!
Sudahlah parents the late Nurin still shocked and very much traumatized with the tragedy, boleh la pulak nak press charges on them of negligence. What the h**k is going on? D*MN!!!!!! (excuse me for these harsh words)
I may not be a genius, i must say but take a look at these:

CASE 1: ada sorang mak tiri kurung anak dia yg umur 2 tahun lebih, chained to something for hours sampai budak tu kelaparan dan panjat tingkap dan peti air utk carik makanan. Fortunately one of the neighbours realized the situation and called the police.
VERDICT: that, for me, is negligence of the parents/guardian and should/must be charge.

CASE 2: Ada seorang hamba ALLAH ni anak dia nak pegi kedai depan rumah beli gula2 tapi kena culik lepas tu kena abused, lepas tu kena bunuh dengan setan yg muka pun mcm setan lepas tu takde sape dpt tangkap dia.

VERDICT: that, from my humble and so ordinary opinion, is not the negligence of the parents. It might still be of negligence, but definitely parents are not there to take the whole blame. No, don't point your finger that way, caused for me it just as good as saying : ok, go on all of you 'insane in the brain' kind of people... let the parents take the pressure and live with it for the rest of their life.
What a shame...what a shame.

*sigh* sedih memikirkan kalau dah nak pegi kedai pun jadik begitu seriously dangerous, then what kind of world are living in? Patutla omputeh ni pegi mana2 ikat tangan anak pakai safety strap tu. mmg nampak cam pelik sebab bawak anak cam gaya bawak anjing jenjalan, but then, maybe that what it takes..
one day, people might go as far as implanted microchips inside their kids brain so that we can detect them via satellite in case something happen. And at the end of the day, we create and produce not kids to rule the future, but zombies instead. *sigh* makcik lotih laaa.....


Its ramadhan and syaitan(s?) are chained but it doesn't stop some lunatic from acting like one. its sickening..really, it is.

I can't bear to even read the whole story coz' half way through is more than enough to make me running for my 'minyak pak ali'... It makes me wonder, what the h**k is happening in Malaysia nowadays??? Ironically, as much as I miss home, at one point I feel more secure in the land of strangers.

If you can't bring your child in your own car without the fear of somebody might popped in and take the rest of you or your kids somewhere, or you can't go to the shopping mall to have that precious quality time with your family without the fear of your kids being kidnapped, or you can't walk on the street without the fear of being snatched or strangled, or you can't sleep in your own house that you bought from your own sweats without being fear that somebody might break in... than what freedom do we have left????? I'm actually already start thinking of what kind of 'security' should I have back home.. I even go as far as planning to ask my students to develop some kind of high tech sensor to cover the whole house including the roof. me a paranoid,I can't help it.

I still clearly remember those days when my cousins, my brother and I used to play in the paddy field, main benteng, masuk hutan and mandi sungai. Those days were long gone, but never in a split second at that time that I even thinked of the posibbilities to be hurt by someone just because we were playing out of our parents sight. The only thing that concern me was getting scolded by our grandma after spashing in the sawah sampai habis collapsed anak padi.
kids these days, they can't even play in their own front/backyard.. let alone pegi main benteng!

To those with authorities.. please do something about all these craziness. I'm not sure whether they watched spiderman, but I'm d***n sure they knew that with great power comes great responsibility, though i definitely understood that lots of people would greedily grabbed the power but severely abandoned the latter. For our children's sake, put it aside for once and do something.

Its ramadhan again.... its the month full of barakah. Lets pray that Allah shower us with His Mercy.


p/s- sedih tol baca citer mayat budak jumpa dlm beg tu. Can't even imagine how she suffered..


mariyam said...

itulah Malaysia, Nieta. Face it. Tu masa mula2 balik we all phobia sikit. Mana taknye berita everyday citer2 CSI. sadis sungguh. Tht's why we missed sheffield so much- mlm tidur lupa kunci rumah pun takpe. Kt M'sia bergrill mcmanapun dimasuk. Kalau masuk aje takpe, ni ada yg sampai bunuh2. Sumtimes I feel like negara kapir ni lagi byk pratikkan Islam, berbanding dgn M'sia yg sibuk2 dgn 'hadhari'nye. Mlm2 Ramadan tak habih2 dgn citer2 hiburan. Budak M'sia la ni diterapkan dgn nilai2 sosial, sibuk nak jd artis. Mana tak aqidah terpesong? Makanan pulak byk yg tak halal. tu dah kira bab jadi darah daging. Mana tak melahirkan insan bertopengkan setan. Kalau nak tulis mmg pnjang berjela- tepuk dada tanya iman.. take care!

kingbinjai said...

i feel the same way too

Sastri said...

yep... time has surely changed... during our time, we are free to play outside without having to worry some sicko might want to kidnap us... nowadays, i'm sure people are getting scared to let their children play outside... heck, i, myself, as an adult don't feel secure going anywhere on my own like i used to do during my uni years... sad isn't it? *sigh*

i hope that b*st*rd get caught and killed during the process...

anita kema said...

betul..betul..sad but true. At least kat sini nak makan pun tak susah mana sebab boleh je carik yg vegetarian. Rosnita kata kat msia pintu bilik tido dah kena buat selak kayu mcm zaman dolu-dolu tu..huhuhuhuhu.

yes..we and thousands others.

I wish whoever that b*st*rd is, he/she should be punished publicly so to send a clear message to other lunatics out there. Take care sas, take care. 'They' are everywhere...

cikdinz said...

ontahlah.... susah nak ckp..

Anonymous said...

awak..kalau ikutkan hati,bila jumpa je pembunuh yang perangainya lebihkan binatang tu kita patut seksa.suka,kerat 18 badan dia...buat la apa apa saja asalkan hati kita puas dpt tgk betapa sengsaranya dia sebelum hembuskan nafas.
tapi...selesai ke masalah kita dgn menghukum ""binatang"" tu?aku rasa masih ada ramai lagi yg ada mental problem macam dia kat bumi m'sia ni.
bila pikirkan benda ni aku jadi takut sangat pikirkan keselamatan anak anak yang tgh membesar.dah tak selamat lagi bumi tercinta kita ni.
salah siapa??betul cakap yam...tepuk dada tanya iman.berbaloi ke semua program PLKN yang dianjurkan dan islam hadhari yg dilaungkan bila ada insan bertopengkan binatang ni wujud????