Monday, July 21, 2008



As time goes on
I realize
That what I see
Through my eyes

Is in my perspective
My personal view
And its probably different
Than whats seen by you

My feelings are altered
By the life that I've known
My opinions are tainted
Influenced as I've grown

So in this moment
That we share together
I may see a duck
While you spot a feather

(edie koch suarez)

1. Sabtu minggu ni (26-07-08) ada Malam Warna Warni Muslimah di Vestry Hall, Sheffield. Akak kena buat banner...tapi lom siap2 lagi nih. huhuhu... tapi dah pikir baju apa nak pakai nanti. pompuan.. pompuan.. hihi.

2. Somebody adviced me to set a bite size goal each day. Something that I can chew and not going to choke. And somehow, I started believing in myself again. :D

3. My lil' sis is doing her diploma course in Hotel management right now but then it turned up that she's also been offered to go on an engineering course at the same time. I told her to follow her heart. I told her its okay eventhough she got 7As but end up doing a hotel course. I told her to think hard and choose whats best for her. I told her it doesn't matter what you do as long as you excel. I told her that engineering is not as 'glamer' as she might think it is. I told her if I can turn back time, I would never come close to anything 'engineering'. I told her not to end up like me. huhuhuhuhu....

4. I've just watched anwar vs. shabery on youtube ( so ketinggalan keretapi daa aku..). My response is, running around the bush, hitting people below the belt, how pathetic can one be? huhuhuhuu... mati la aku takmo komen lelebih nnt kena panggil balik. hahahaha... Tp serius dowh.. mangkuk giler.


Kak Lady said...

Anita...anak sulong akak tu buat engineering bertahun2 kat IPTS plak tu...bayar sapai puluh2 ni dia dpt kerja kat syarikat buat website pulak...hmmm...biarlah rezeki dia kat sana...

Hehehe...pompuan biasalah...kalau ada apa2 majlis...mesti nak pikir...'nak pakai apa nanti eh?'

Sastri said...

yeah... ikut minat dia kat mana... i dulu pun buat accountancy bukan sebab minat tapi sebab nak lari dari p lab... almost amik chemical engineering dan ada minat gak tapi malas nak p lab nyer pasal la tukar fikiran... :D