Monday, July 28, 2008


Tension.. yup, my mood today is pretty gloomy. *sigh*

Last saturday was the big event i.e Malam Warna Warni Muslimah held in vestry hall. It was a successful night apart from the not so 'profesionally mastered' sound system. huhuhu.. we'll make it better next time with sub woofer all around. hahahaha...
Food was great with superbly delicious nasik tomato (serius sedap). I did prepared some desserts (mango pudding and kek gula hangus) and it turned out well in spite being a first timer. That night, we've seen talents hidden well underneath many of us.. ada yg menari zapin, joget pahang la, bernasyid, and our group do a stunt on badinding where I got stage fright and start forgetting some of the moves and lyrics. huhuhuhu.. it must've been obvious.
All in all, it was a great day and experience for the sake of Allah to bind us with beautiful ukhwah. (not to mention chaos by our kids running around sampai fenin kepala mc... hehehe)
oh, the banner in my 'not so creative' hands also did catch attention with the help from my dear hubby... tenkiu yee bang.

Yesterday was a huge series of carbooting starting from a mere 7.30 in the morning at marshlane and then continue on in Hillborough despite the burning heat of summer. Panas giler semalam.. but then it doesn't inched my enthusiasm..not a bit! sangat la gigih walaupun berpeluh2... hahaha... banyak gak hasil tuaian semalam and we finish off the day with a nice lunch at an arabic restaurant with a dear friend, kina & family together with ida & hubby. Balik je, we dug into my shopping trolley, mess the house to the max with the kid's toys and fell asleep in the living room with our living room door ( facing our garden) wide open. fuhh! summer la katakan.. tak makan hati ke tu.. keskeskes.

It was late in the evening when I start getting back to my senses and start hovering the house. Well, I certainly cannot tolerate messiness that much longer.. so before my blood 'go upstairs', I'd better drag my *ss and starts doing what I did better if not best.. mengemas! Coz' its been too hot last nite, we end up sleeping in the living room, first time ever since we've been here.
fuhhhh.. what a weekend.

But then today I got heat up, this time it wasn't due to the weather. It was something else and I need to escape or rather go somewhere to cool it down b4 I turn sour for the rest of the day. huhuhu.. don't speculate, it has nothing to do with my dear hubby.. tp since dia takde hari ni sbb pegi practical class b4 his next exam, I figure out I need a shoulder. No, not to cry on... more like to ease whatever it is thats bothering me, I guess. So maybe later in the evening we'll be off to a dear friend's house and spend the evening smiling instead of geram sensorang. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get over it and starts the day fresh. yess, I need to be fresh.

Sometimes I think I'm just too soft hearted people take me for granted.
Sometimes its very hard for me to voice out my feeling without yelling and screaming.
Yes, when I get irritated, my voice usually gets to a higher pitch in order to refrain my self from crying.
The second option to that is just keep quiet and never say a thing.
huhuhu.. adult life sometimes can be very challenging, isn't it?


Kak Lady said...

Anita...memang hidup ni kadang2 lebih sukar pada satu2 masa...lebih2 lagi bila hati kita disakiti...

Sabar ajelah...kerana itu semua asam garam kehidupan...

Suzi said...

Salam nita, betul kata kak lady tu...semua tu asam garam kehidupan...sabar je lah.
Aku pun kadang tak tahan panas terik summer kat adelaide ni...sekarang winter lak...sejuk. sana lagilah kan ada salji...sini tak de. tu pun aku dah tak tahan berkurung je lah...

Abahnajwa said...

Salam perkenalan..

Dalam menjenguk2 blog kak lady tu.. terjumpa blog nita ni..

Dah lama di Sheffield? Seronok pulak mendengar cerita car boot sale nih..Ahad lepas kami ke Manchesterpun panas sangat car bootnya..habis berlengas2..

Jemput datang ke rumah kalau ke Liverpool..

Elf said...

Gila aku jerit...hahaha...:-)

Miss yuuuuuu!